Dedicated inside sales professional that is a top, consistent producer. A recent position brought in over $110,000 in new business over the last 11 months. High work ethic, competitive professional, focused, thorough, meticulous and always punctual. Enjoys competing to be the top in his game. Characterized as a “great part of the team.”

Personal Professional Philosophy

Super personable, high energy, well liked professional, who will truly listen to a potential prospect or customer. Utilizes humor and transparency when talking to people. Understands the importance of conveying benefits, not just features to a prospect. Committed to learning so that the sales process is constantly improved. Open to input, applying immediately what has been learned. An ethical, respectful and helpful individual who treats every human being as a true equal. Great team player and always supportive. Carries out assignments and requests in a timely manner. Organized, so that nothing falls through. Takes initiative to introduce myself to others. Diplomatic, flexible, humble and wise in situations that require such. Not afraid of rejection; perseveres. Has good stress management skills.

Motivator, Change Agent, Presenter, Public Speaker, Instructor and One who Inspires. I have helped hundreds of people to change their lives. Hi energy, fit, youthful and above all, fun.

Career Summary:

2018 Inside Sales Representative, Tacton- Chicago & Stockholm

2016 Client Relations-Upright Law, Chicago IL

2014 Senior Tax Advisor, M & M Financial, Chicago IL

2013 to 2014- Senior Case Analyst, Community Tax Relief, Chicago IL

2003-2005 and 2012, Visiting Professor, Devry University, Chicago IL

2006-2010, Assistant Director of Admissions, Illinois Institute of Art, Chicago IL

1997-Present, Therapist, Dan Becco MS,MFT, Chicago IL

1997, Training Specialist, sold business to business, inside sales

Dartnell Corp.,Chicago IL

1989-1995, National Admissions Training Manager, Devry University, Chicago IL


Masters of Science: Marital Family Therapy, Northwestern University, Evanston IL

Bachelors of Art: Psychology & Business, University of Illinois, Champaign IL

Contact info:

Dan Becco

1730 W. Leland

Suite 3E

Chicago IL 60640



blog: www.danbecco.tumblr.com

Linkedin:  www.linkedin.com/in/danbecco

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