Owner of 2 Businesses, Publisher of 2 Books & Sales Coach
  • I was responsible for $5 million to $12 million per year in new revenue contracts in business development.
  • Starting with cold calling, sold largest contract in the history of the company, $106,000 per year in revenue.
  •  4 years consecutively, was in the top 4 in the country, competing with 141 representatives nationally.
  • Promoted to a sales management after only 1 year of employment.
  • Developed a phone prospecting system that produced a 50% rate for appointment show up.
  • Averaged a 60% close rate for an average $80,000 contract.
  • Inspired over 180 individuals to change their life and invest $40,000 to $80,000.
  • Conducted over 350 sales presentations each year.
  • Provided sales training to 80 new hires, yearly, throughout the country.
  • Sold $50,000/yr. in training programs to businesses, nationally, over the phone.
  • Instituted personal training program over 13 years, incorporating 22 different instructors.
  • Starting from scratch, private practice netted a rate of $50,000 in billings per year.
  • Scheduled rigorous self-improvement program, consisting of 1-2 hours a day in training, supplemented with at least 14 separate textbooks.
  • Gave motivational presentations to 500 person audiences in the Fortune 1000.
  • Conducted an average of 280 sessions per year, over 7 years, creatively providing solutions for changes in life to a variety of individuals.
  • Developed a system to get people to relax, consult, customize a solution and inspire a plan for action to hundreds of individuals over the years.

I’d be happy to send you a personal copy of my resume!

Dan Becco

“Dan is a real leader on the floor, both with his great attitude and production.” Adam Dayan, Owner of CTR.

“Dan is focused and works his rear end off.” “Thanks for your hard work/dedication.” Nick Charveron, Owner and VP of Sales.

“Nice work Dan, show the vets how it’s done.” Matt DiRaimondo, Attorney at Law.

Dedicated inside sales consultant that is a top, consistent producer. Recent position increased sales over $110,000 in 11 months. High work ethic, competitive professional, focused, thorough, meticulous and always punctual. Enjoys competing to be the top in his game. Characterized as a “great part of the team.”

Senior Tax Advisor – M & M Financial 2014

Assess prospects and close. Procured highest dollar contract for new Closer in 1st week.

Senior Case Analyst – Community Tax Relief 2013-2014

Top Performer for Daily Talk Time-selling to at least 10 prospects daily, top closer for weekly/ monthly deals submitted over 25 other sales people and highest conversion for closing percentage monthly.

Business Owner – Rapid Evolution Yoga 2011-2014

Built a service from the ground up offering yoga onsite to local companies. Featured in Chicago’s Timeout Magazine as Chicago’s Premier Yoga Food Truck

Consultant and Coach – Dan Becco M.S., M.F.T. Sole Proprietor 1997-2014

Started a private practice business from scratch, netting a rate of $50,000 in billings per year.

Assistant Director of Admissions – The Illinois Institute of Art 2006-2010

Closed 180 individuals to change their lives and to each invest $40,000 to $80,000.

University Of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, IL Bachelor of Arts

Northwestern University – Evanston, IL Masters of Science

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As a Visiting Professor at Devry University I have taught a Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving which focuses on identifying and articulating skills needed for academic and professional success. Coursework provides instruction and practice in critical thinking and problem-solving through analysis of critical reading and reasoning, as well as through examination of problem-solving methodologies. Students learn to work in teams, to identify and resolve problems, and to use research effectively to gather and evaluate relevant and useful information.

Testimonials from students (ages 17-19) of this class:

“It was fun and I enjoyed every minute in class because we talked about things going on in our lives.”

“This class was fun and I learned many things about life.”

“The professor was a great professor because I wasn’t afraid to talk to you in person.”

“This was a great class and I enjoyed it.”

“Critical Thinking was fun/exciting class. It gets a person to be more open and share ideas.”

“I completely loved this class.  The instructor is a really funny guy, who taught us a lot about ourselves.”

“You’ve been helpful to me and you motivated me.”

“In this class, I learned so much.  I was able to talk in front of class without stuttering or shaking so I thank you.”

“You always tried to keep the students positive with your attitude or just your mind.”

“There was a lot I’ve learned and think I can use in life.”

“Overall, I’m honored to have you as an instructor in my progress of bettering my life.”

“You knew when to be serious and when to joke a lot, pretty cool for being a professor.”

“I think this is a class you should have once a week throughout your college career.”

“The instructor had a different approach. He came to the class with an open mind.”

“You’re a pretty good life teacher.”

“You have my respect and admiration which is something only certain people have.”

“Thank you for being my teacher.”

“I feel that whenever I run into a problem, I’m feeling in life, my memory will always flash back to this class.”

“I think this class was one of a kind because we learned things without knowing it. It opened my eyes to different things.”

“This class makes you think.”

“You were genuinely interested in what we had to say.”

“I’d like to thank you, once again, for an amazing class.”

“I loved this class and never imagined it to be as interesting as it was.”

“I loved this class. I would repeatedly take this class on purpose.”

“The instructor is a really cool person.”

“I learned how to conquer my fear in presentations. I am not afraid as I was before.”

“Dear Mr. Becco, thank you for everything; your professionalism, your brilliance, your class, but most importantly, your kindness.”

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