Rapid Evolution Yoga

What our yogis have written in class evaluations:
“Loved it! !” 
“Remi’s balance and poise is what I like best about the class.”
“Easy to understand.”
“Great that you can come to the workplace.”
“Patient, positive instructor.”
“It was great!”
“The variety of poses is what I liked best about the class.”
“Total relaxation.”
“Loved it all.”
“Immediate relaxation.”
“Easy to understand.”
“Great class last night!”
“What I liked best about the class was how comfortable I felt though I was brand new.”
“A concrete benefit was a relaxed mind.”
“The instructor paid attention to each member.”
and more . . .

Thanks! I did feel so much better!!! I slept like a baby!!

“I had a lot of health issues last year and because of it I got out of my normal exercise and healthy eating routine. My company came into contact with Dan and Rapid Evolution Yoga/Yoga Food Truck and we started having weekly classes at our facility. This was exactly what I needed to start to feel good about myself and get back on my exercise and healthy eating routine. They teach yoga based on the level of yoga you are at and they make everyone feel comfortable. The classes leave your mind and body feeling relaxed and energized. Our employees are also loving the yoga class and everyone looks forward to it! I would recommend their classes to everyone!! Thanks Dan and Remi!!”

“Dan has been professional, caring, and responsive in his work bringing yoga to those of us in Chicago without easy access to a studio. Our school staff has benefited enormously from the gift of yoga that Dan brings to us each week. We are so glad to have found Dan and Rapid Evolution Yoga.” 

We offer amazing yoga that will inspire, motivate and energize you, beyond your expectations.
Chicago’s Premier “Yoga Food Truck.”
 Work related stress and injuries lead to employee absence and diminished productivity.

According to the CDC, these indirect health costs may be several times higher than direct medical costs. Offering yoga at your worksite can improve your employees’ health (and your bottom line) by helping to prevent repetitive use injuries such as:

  • carpal tunnel
  • tendinitis
  • neck and eye strain
  • chronic back pain
  • knee and hip pain
Like precious metals, yogic bodies are often prized for their versatile ability to bend, stretch, and melt in the presence of goddesses. Make your core as tough as tungsten. We guide students through an array of limb-limbering classes and workshops. A Level 1 class enlightens namaste novices with the ohm-reverberating building blocks of yoga, including philosophy, breathing techniques, and alignment. Or flow through a fluid tapestry of lung-powered poses in a  Ashtanga-like, vinyasa class. Try cultivating an openness during empowering Forrest sessions designed to stimulate synapses, bolster muscles, and recharge spiritual batteries faster than a solar-powered Icarus. Let us create an  atmosphere of serenity, ideal for centering and escaping the stresses of life.  The more flexible one becomes, the easier it is to Rockette-kick volleyballs into space and limbo past height restrictions on children’s carnival rides.

 Onsite yoga includes:

  • rise & shine: start your day off with a pre-work flow
  • lunch date: mid-day break to stretch and recharge
  • happy hour yoga: let loose the healthy way with an after work practice
  • relax & renew: meditation and restorative yoga
  • off-site yoga: team building retreats
  • ergonomic assessments

Try these poses to tone your core and thighs.

Twisted Root Abs

Lie on your mat with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Cross right thigh over left thigh. If you can also cross the right ankle under the left calf, go for it! If you can’t, don’t worry about it; you’ll still get the benefit.

Lift feet so thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Clasp hands behind head, elbows pointing straight up.

Inhale, curl upper torso up.

Exhale, curl the pubic bone in toward the navel and lift your tailbone toward the sky. At the end of the exhalation, pull lower belly toward the spine.

Inhale, relax the pelvis, but keep your upper torso lifted off the floor.

Do five on this side, then switch the cross of your legs and do five more on the other side.

Warrior I with Leg Pulses

Standing on your mat, step your right foot forward so you have a long stance–about four feet between the legs. Position your feet so your front heel lines up with your back heel, and turn your back foot in about 60 degrees. Square the hips forward as much as possible.

Bend the right knee so you have a right angle in the front leg. Keep the back leg strong. Lift arms out to the sides, bending elbows into goalpost position.

Exhale and straighten the right knee, pulling your thigh muscle in toward the bone. Squeeze your elbows down and back.

Inhale as you bend your knee and lift your arms back to goalpost. Repeat this movement five times, switch legs and do five times on the other side.
Eagle Pose

Stand with feet together. Fix your gaze on one point on the floor or wall. Shift your weight into your left leg and lift your right leg off the floor.

Bend your standing leg like you’re sitting down in a chair. Cross your right thigh over your left, and if you can, cross your right foot under your left calf. Squeeze your thighs together, and you’ll feel the pose get steadier.

Lift your arms in front of you, bending them at 90 degrees. Stack your left elbow on top of your right, maybe crossing your forearms so your palms touch. If that’s not happening today, just bring the backs of your hands together.

Take five breaths, then unwind your arms and legs and do the other side: left leg on top, and right elbow on top.
Warrior II with Eagle Arms

Standing on your mat, step your right foot forward so you have a long stance–about four feet between the legs. Position your feet so your front heel lines up with your back heel, and turn your back foot in about 60 degrees. Square hips toward the long side of your mat.

Exhale and bend the right knee, keeping the back leg strong.

Lift your arms in front of you, bending them at 90 degrees. Stack your left elbow on top of your right, crossing your forearms if you can so your palms touch. Otherwise, just bring the backs of the hands to touch. Lift elbows up to shoulder height.

Breathe five times on this side, then unwind your arms, switch your leg position, and do the pose on the other side, stacking right elbow on top of left.

Source: Remi Gonzalez, Rapid Evolution Yoga

Or go to https://danbecco.com/resourcesarticles-2/ for an interesting article on how everyone wins with yoga at the workplace.

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We work with companies to increase their employee efficiency and loyalty, while shrinking absenteeism as much as 47.5%.

The company that I work with can get a $6.15 return on every dollar they spend with me.

Companies can save up to $225 per employee, annually in healthcare costs.

I work with mid-sized companies, internet based organizations and service based businesses who want to have a fun and profitable place to work for their employees.

We primarily do this by providing on site yoga classes that can be customized for our client so that the following happens:

  • decreased stress and tension
  • reduced healthcare costs
  • improved concentration
  • increased productivity
  • community building and camaraderie
  • increased morale

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