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3) Onsite yoga in Chicago includes:

  • rise & shine: start your day off with a pre-work flow
  • lunch date: mid-day break to stretch and recharge
  • happy hour yoga: let loose the healthy way with an after work practice
  • relax & renew: meditation and restorative yoga
  • off-site yoga: team building retreats
  • ergonomic assessments
  • Go to

4) Classes, go to:

Workshop for Couples


How would you like to feel connected and appreciated by your partner within 15 minutes?  

Wouldn’t it be nice to talk about something you disagree on, or something where there’s some tension and walk away feeling better about things in about a hour? 

Sometimes life makes it hard to connect in an emotionally satisfying way. 

Since I graduated from Northwestern University 15 years ago, I have been a therapist in Chicago, in private practice, helping hundreds of people and couples with their relationships. 

This workshop has some cool stuff that is fun, useful, easy and effective for couples who want to feel even better towards each other. My fiancée and I have been using these ideas for a while and they have really helped.  

My clients (men, included) have also used them and swear that they have changed their relationship in a positive way. 

These ideas are even good for couples who are already getting along great together, who are on the cutting edge,  advanced, and are rockin’ it out. You might even learn something new about your partner.  

  • 90 minutes on a weeknight
  • Learn these relationship tools
  •  Maybe a 1-hour yoga class afterward 


Text me at 773-392-6542 with your name. I’ll keep you posted on when we do this. Thanks. Or go to

Dan Becco


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