“Working with Dan has been invaluable for me. His experience and range of approaches sometimes lead to challenging work, but work worth doing. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”  Nathan K.

“Dan was my counselor for a year including sessions by myself and as a couple with my husband. We both found the experience to be enlightening, and years later we still draw on what we learned. The work isn’t always easy but talking to Dan is, I highly recommend him.”  Grace R.

“Dan is a very high energy team player. He understands the sales process and he is goal oriented. He will have a positive impact on earnings as he drives business to achieve his forecasts. He is someone who contributes.”  Theodore M.

“In my position as Vice President of Academic Affairs I always found Dan to be collaborative, and dedicated to support students in pursuing their educational and professional goals.”  Jeffrey A.

“Dan Becco is awesome! Both wise and foolish. Seriously, Dan’s a truly interesting guy. We were in different departments, so we didn’t have a chance to work together. We had several opportunities to talk during the day, and I learned through these discussions about Dan’s philosophy toward work. Dan tries to make it fun, always, both for him and for anyone in his presence. He’s very respectful of others and that’s part of why it’s fun to talk with him. He looks for a way to connect with each colleague on a level that this person finds most comfortable.”  James B.

“Dan’s enthusiasm for the well-being of the students with whom he worked was infectious. Additionally, he had a positive effect on all of his co-workers. He is, in fact, greatly missed by his colleagues here at AI–Chicago.” Michael D.

“Dan was instrumental in attaining my acceptance into the Illinois Institute of Arts-Chicago. He displayed Integrity and Initiative and focused on the task that needed to be done to solidify my entrance into the school. Because of his understanding, friendly, and honest assessment of character and truth my life has been changed and given me hope for a better future.” Brian H.

“It was a pleasure working with Dan. He was energetic, driven, hardworking, and resourceful.”  Romelia M.

“Dan Becco is a dedicated person. He has a wonderful personality and gets along well with everyone. He is passionate about his work and works hard with a genuine smile. It’s a pleasure knowing Dan.”  Mia P.

“While I have had the good fortune to teach yoga to many wonderful people, Dan Becco really stands out. His attitude was so positive, fun and warm it lit up the room, and he was one of the most dedicated and regular students when I taught at Moksha Yoga. On several occasions, in response to his heckling I did threaten to banish him to the bathroom to finish his practice, however we never did actually have to lock him in the loo. Additionally, he’d inspire us all after class as he floated away on one of his incredibly creative and fantastic bicycles. If you work with Dan you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself!” Michelle G.

“Dan is an enthusiastic student who brings commitment as well as a sense of humor to the classroom. My sense is he is an equally dedicated professional.” Lani G.

“Dan is an exemplary yoga practitioner–serious and focused–and highly accomplished besides. I know when I see Dan in class that the energy in the room will rise from his sense of purpose.” Sara S.

“Dan has been a diligent student of yoga for many years. I have taught Dan as well as practiced side by side with him. He shows poise, good nature and sincerity both in and outside of the yoga room. Dan also has a great sense of humor.” Paul W.

“Dan has always been wonderful to work with. His attitude and demeanor is always positive, professional, offbeat, and contagious.” Jason B.

“Dan is a yoga and biking mentor of mine, a constant inspiration.” Bill J.

Dan Becco is a vibrant, well educated and very personable fellow to have as a colleague, friend, confidant and guru. He has passion for all things that he delves into and is very knowledgeable in his many fields of expertise. When obstacles cross his path he treats it as an opportunity to make changes for the better. Having worked with Dan for several years in an environment that was fast-paced, challenging and stressful at times my experience with him was that he was always ready to go above and beyond the call of duty with a superb and refreshing attitude while looking forward to the next task. I exuberantly recommend him to do business with. I also feel fortunate to have the honor to call him my friend.”  Ted C.

“Ask anyone in my department, and you will her nothing but positive things about Dan Becco. He is a pleasure to work with, has a great sense of humor, and makes a great addition to any team.” Megan F.

“Dan was terrific great to work with when we were at DeVry. He is energetic, dynamic, professional and brilliant. He also has the most wonderful sense of humor. He is detailed-oriented, dedicated to his work and is someone who gets the job done. Anyone who works with Dan is fortunate to have him on their team.”  Gabriela L.

“Dan was a student of mine while he was working at the Institute of Art. He came to class always prepared to work. He is attentive to details and always curious about how to deepen his understanding of not only yoga, but everything that comes into his world. Dan is a very intense and enthusiastic practitioner of yoga and life.”  Jen M.

“Dan’s ability to genuinely listen gives people permission to discuss sensitive life changing topics with grace and a sense of humor. He’ll challenge you and you’ll thank him for it! Dan really knows how to keep it real.”  Elizabeth V.

“Dan is the very best at what he does. I have consulted with Dan many times over the course of the last several years and every time he provides phenomenal results and great advice for people in the pursuit of changing their lives and/or career direction. I would definitely recommend Dan, as he has a truly unique skill set and is very knowledgable in a variety of areas.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity  Arthur R.

“I highly recommend Dan as a knowledgable and enthusiastic worker who has demonstrated a passion of helping both students and co-workers. An accomplished and award winning employee, Dan has been very respectful and helpful within his department and towards other students at the Illinois Institute of Art. I feel Dan would be a welcomed addition to any organization that prides itself on teamwork and group objectives.”  Lidija G.

“I met with Dan Becco to work with his business collateral. He is someone who listens well and allows you to recommend options.”  Marlys C.

“Dan is one of our most reliable and consistent instructors at Bottle & Bottega. His energy and great personality make all of our guests feel comfortable and at ease in front of the easel and inspire them to be bold and creative!”  Personable, High Integrity, Creative  Stephanie K.

“Dan was detailed, thoughtful and always had something positive to contribute. His creative solutioning proved to be an asset to the Company. Highly recommended” Karim

“Dan has been professional, caring, and responsive in his work bringing yoga to those of us in Chicago without easy access to a studio. Our school staff has benefited enormously from the gift of yoga that Dan brings to us each week. We are so glad to have found Dan and Rapid Evolution Yoga.” Personable, Good Value, On Time  Kathryn G.

“It was truly a pleasure to work with Dan at Ai. His enthusiasm for the job and for life were contagious and the students that he worked with were always raving about how helpful and warm he was. I recommend Dan Becco as a faithful and compassionate professional.” Ginger H.

“Dan Becco is a great mentor. He has provided me many good suggestions for dealing with work-related stress. On a personal level, he gave me advice that helped me to find the right woman and to become engaged.” Tommy W.

“These days it is truly rare to find an individual that is true to themselves and true to other people. If you need someone you can trust to inspire. Dan’s your man”Remi O.

Dan is a real leader on the floor, both with his great attitude and production.” Adam Dayan, Owner of CTR.

“Dan is focused and works his rear end off.” “Thanks for your hard work/dedication.” Nick Charveron, Owner and VP of Sales.

“Nice work Dan, show the vets how it’s done.” Matt DiRaimondo, Attorney at Law.


And a letter I received from a client:

May 5, 1999

“Dear Dan,

Thanks for the telephone call and I’m sorry I am so late getting back to you. My Life in a nutshell: I finally made the bar exam. Presently I work at a medical malpractice firm. At this time, my life is fine and I am still on a strong learning curve and my dreams are coming to fruition. You were such a help to me when I was going through a difficult part of my life. I would like to fill you in on the details. My family relations have improved tremendously. Beyond my expectations. I actually have a social life.

Dan, thank you for keeping in touch, and thank you for all of help you gave  me :when I needed it most. I really do not want to lose touch with you. You helped me beyond what you can ever imagine. Please keep me on your mailing list. Most important, I wish you well and hope that you are as happy with your career decisions as I am. Fondly, Susan.”

For Testimonials on my Bike Chi 365 Class: https://danbecco.com/classes/

For Testimonials about Rapid Evolution Yoga: https://danbecco.com/rapid-evolution-yoga/

For Testimonials about Dan as an professor : https://danbecco.com/accomplishments/

Testimonial for work with tax debt resolution:

“Hi, my name is Brandon T. and I wanted to just leave something on record stating that Dan Becco did a great job assessing my case. I tried a couple of other services, but they all made me feel a little sleazy when talking to them, so Dan’s professionalism as well as his clear and concise explanation of the issue at hand and getting around all the facts and details. It’s the sole reason why I’m using Dan and his services. Congratulations again on being so communicative, straightforward and forthright. Hopefully, others will have similar experiences with Dan. Thank you.”

Megan Jones‎ to Operation Graduate

August 16 ·
I want to give a huge shoutout to Mr. Dan Becco for being my motivator. I have no idea where I would be if I never would have picked up that phone. Operation Graduate is an amazing organization and the staff is incredible… especially my mentor! Mr. Dan, thank you for always cheering me on and motivating me to be all I can be. I am so thankful that you guys at Operation Graduate have changed my life for the better! 🙂

Sandy Taylor-Martin‎ to Operation Graduate

October 3 at 5:32pm · Warner Robins, GA ·
I want to commend Dan Becco at Operation Graduate for his dedication, patience and hard work. Dan is absolutely amazing at problem solving. He has assisted me with technical issues, setting up my student portal, student email, financial aid and providing leads to websites in order for me to obtain documentation for school and tax transcripts that are required for financial aid. Dan is always respectful, supportive, super personable and a committed professional. I feel that I can accomplish my goals because I have the best lifeline which is Dan! Thank you so much for your commitment! Sandy Taylor-Martin

Rose Threets reviewed Operation Graduate — 5 star

August 10 ·
I met this man name Dan from operation graduate he is the best person I know of that can get the job done meaning I talked to him he listen to me never passing any judgement told me I can do it an that he would see me to the end rite along with me. Now I’m enrolled in a university Indiana tech on line school an I’m so very excited. Plz any of my Facebook family is looking to go to college. Or back it’s never to late to learn something new an that what he told me. So put on ur highschool cap and gown an call Dan the Man cus he can do it an make it happen. Thank u so very much Dan

Daniel Van Wechel reviewed Operation Graduate — 5 star

August 18 ·
Dan Becco has been outstanding and truest helpful so throughout the process of selecting a course study, a school, and final starting school!! Look forward to continue working with him!!

Margie Kalber‎ to Operation Graduate

August 18 ·
Dan Becco was extremely knowledgeable and kind. Highly recommend talking to Dan if you are considering advancing your career. He’s The Best!!!

Testimonial as Tour Guide for Bike and Roll, June 2018:

I bought this for my boyfriends birthday and we both loved it! It’s the perfect date night or fun outing for a group of friends. Dan (aka Party Monster) was the best tour guide! He made the trip lots of fun and we took enough stops to take plenty of pictures! Highly recommend!”

Peter & Dan were fantastic, fact filled, fun loving guides. Our entire family laughed while touring the lake front. Many historic sites and breath taking views, not to mention some delicious tacos. Thanks for the memories Bike and Roll!!

The instructor was great he was very thorough in his training he was very thorough and all the information he gave us a long the tour and he was very kind. Because of him I do think we will take this to her again.




1 Response to Testimonials

  1. Lisa B. says:

    I had a lot of health issues last year and because of it I got out of my normal exercise and healthy eating routine. My company came into contact with Dan and Rapid Evolution Yoga/Yoga Food Truck and we started having weekly classes at our facility. This was exactly what I needed to start to feel good about myself and get back on my exercise and healthy eating routine. They teach yoga based on the level of yoga you are at and they make everyone feel comfortable. The classes leave your mind and body feeling relaxed and energized. Our employees are also loving the yoga class and everyone looks forward to it! I would recommend their classes to everyone!! Thanks Dan and Remi!!

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