“I really liked the energy and the high amount of information that was presented.”

“A concrete benefit from the class were tips on what gear to buy.”

“What was unique about the class was that you asked us what we wanted to learn instead of lecturing us.”

“I thought the class was great.”

“If I think of someone who is interested in biking all year round, I will definitely refer them to you.”

“I liked that it was informal and I had the opportunity to get my specific questions answered.  Dan has a wealth of experience of biking in Chicago 365, and from that experience, he’s figured out what works and what doesn’t.  I feel that I have now been armed with a piece of that knowledge — it made biking 365 seem possible.”

“All of the recommendations on appropriate gear were helpful — I now will know how to allocate my resources to get the gear that I will really need.”

“Dan is unique — his love for biking is infectious, and even the most basic and simple of recommendations will make a difference for me.”

Biking 365 Chicago Style

How would you like to learn from someone who has tried everything and made all the mistakes that you can think of when it comes to biking 365 here in Chicago? Learn from someone who now knows what works and what doesn’t. You’ll save yourself loads of discomfort, time and money by attending this class. It’s all in the details and developing a system that works. I’m ready to share this with you, if you are.

Top 4 reasons you thought the number 365 was important (but were wrong):

1. Number of days it takes for the earth to rotate fully around the sun – WRONG. It takes the earth approximately 365.25 days. You should have paid better attention in 4th grade science class.
2. Your Birthday. So many other people have that birthday. It’s just not that rare.
3. Divisible by 5. Were you paying so much attention in 4th grade math that you forgot to pay attention in science class?
4. 365 brand products – the only thing you can afford at Whole Foods. WRONG AGAIN. The free samples are way more affordable.
The correct answer?

365 is the number of days you can ride your bike in Chicago. This class will cover all of the important things your 4th grade teachers left out about using a bike through all four seasons in this wonderfully warm, cold, hot, windy, snowy, sunny and rainy city. Students will explore how to find the right bike, how to take care of it, and“the art of gear” for winter riding. Dabblers will also ride away with tips on how to ride safely and efficiently, including how to carry groceries and other items.


Previous class: April 9th, 2012 @ 6pm:

Youtube Video Dan introducing Bike 365:

Get Dan’s Book, Bike 365, Tricks and Tips on Riding Year Round including a Chicago Style Winter on Kindle here:

Link about The Rat Patrol, where I’m interviewed:

Would you like to take a yoga class right at your home or place of work? check out:


Rock the House Tips for Couples

How would you like to feel connected and appreciated by your partner in 5 minutes over the phone or in person?   Wouldn’t it be nice to talk about something you disagree on, or something where there’s some tension and walk away feeling better about things in about a hour?  Sometimes life makes it hard to connect in an emotionally satisfying way.   Since I graduated from Northwestern University 15 years ago, I have been a therapist in private practice, helping hundreds of people and couples with their relationships.   This is a workshop on some cool stuff that is fun, useful, easy and effective for couples who want to feel even better towards each other. My fiancée and I have been using these ideas for a while and they have really helped.  My clients (men, included) have also used them and swear that they have changed their relationship in a positive way.   These ideas are even good for couples who are already getting along great together, who are on the cutting edge,  advanced, and are rockin’ it out. You might even learn something new about your partner.

Romantic relationships don’t come with instructions… unless your partner happens to be a robot, in which case the answer is no. You cannot ask it to lounge in the hot tub with you.

When it comes to relationships, we mostly wing it until we crash or are flying dangerously low to the ground. But what about flying smarter, reducing turbulence faster and making the journey as smooth as possible in all kinds of weather? Aviation antics aside, we let relationships go south when we stop supporting their long-term success by making short-term investments in maintenance and innovation.

In this class, students will learn smart strategies to work through disagreements and tension, and gain tools to feel connected and appreciated in a short period of time. Whether you and your partner are flying through sunny weather or storms, or are just taking off, this class is a great investment for couples who want to feel even better about each other.

Earning Wellness and Wholeness

Class for a Vision of Earning Wellness and Wholeness
Do you do what must be done promptly, and consistently use your time to support your vision and further your goals? Are you drawn to and do you quickly embrace ideas that expand your life and career and that increase your profitability? Do you act from your consciousness of your true value and worth? Do you release possessions that no longer serve you thus staying in the prosperous flow? Do you work in a balanced, consistent, self-loving way? Do you choose actions and commitments that benefit you and contribute to your prosperity? Do you request and receive increases in compensation and also what the market will bear? Do you work with others whenever having co-workers, associates or employees serves you? Do you experience the physical vitality and health that supports your self-expression and expansion? Do you feel at ease and even joyful when asking for or being given what you need or what you are owed? Do you follow up on opportunities, leads, or jobs that could be profitable? Do you complete projects and tasks that you begin? Do you work harmoniously and in a spirit of service with co-workers, supervisors and clients, generating good will that results in ever-greater financial prosperity?

What Dr. Spock really meant when he said “live long and prosper” we will never truly know. Perhaps it was to own like 20 starfleets, or to retire on a supernova, or maybe to finally launch his professional ear and eyebrow modeling career.

Point is, we all have our own way of defining what we want out of life. And while the Dr. has ordered us to live long, life is too short to save all that prospering for later.

In this class students will run through a few exercises to begin crafting a vision of what prosperity – be it income generation, abundance in recreation, meaningful spirituality or otherwise – means to them. Time and structure will be provided to break down life visions into specific goals and action steps. The class will help students reflect on how they are currently spending their time, come up with a strategy to increase life satisfaction, and build in accountability to push change in a productive way. Students will walk away with some intergalactic tools to help them live now and prosper.

I also offer presentations and speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

The Art of Self Care

Do you ever feel stressed out? (Who doesn’t?) The problem? Most of us simply accept it as a way of life. Further, most of us also don’t realize the negative impact it can have on our lives.

This class will provide students step-by-step, simple guidelines and exercises. And understand the truth about stress. The result? Training yourself to react in ways that will improve your relaxation and reduce anxiety.

– How to assert yourself better and the importance of “no”
– How to deal with negative self talk
– The importance of nutrition and exercise
– How meaning, purpose and spirituality play a role

The experiential aspect of the class will give participants an opportunity to try some techniques on for size. You will not only learn what to do, but most importantly learn how to consistently develop a unique routine to actually carry them out, throughout your week.

How to Quit Anything

Got that monkey on your back? Would you like quit smoking? Or perhaps you want to quit that relationship that’s going nowhere. We’re taught that being a quitter is a bad thing. In reality, it can be quite empowering and no doubt, everyone has something they should in fact remove from their lives.

We all get to that place at times when we say we’re going to quit but haven’t. And we say we’re going to quit again and still haven’t. This class discusses tools to help you do just that:

What can you do when you say “I quit,” and then start heading in the wrong direction?
What are the various forms of support and what makes them different?
What are the pros and cons of working with a therapist?
What about 12-step programs?
What about self-help books?

Effectively “quitting” is a matter of utilizing the right resources, understanding what works for you and getting you on your way to use them. This class is a “rip cord” to achieve abstinence.

Crowdsourcing: Modern Day Barn Raising

Remember your childhood: the days before cellphones, before this humongous virtual world we call the Internet, even before Jellies were the freshest shoe you could find. The days when your family was constructing a second barn to replace the first that burned down after your cousin forgot to blow out the candles in the feed room. It was OK, though, ‘cause it was kind of like a party. All the other pioneers came over, enjoyed some slightly fermented hot apple cider and offered their help in raising the barn. Oh, the good ol’ days when we pooled our resources for projects bigger than we could handle alone.

Well, today should be no different. There are still many reasons to rely on each other. Brainstorming, networking, collaboration, crowdsourcing… these are all things wired into us. Students should come with challenges, problems, and projects in progress for an opportunity to tap into the collective consciousness. Expect to share ideas, jump over hurdles, connect with contacts, borrow and trade services and skills and take many notes in the process. Crowdsourcing is your ‘ chance to dabble in each others’ projects and work together towards a better final product.

The Class Before the Yoga Class

In second grade, toe touches got a big fat “incomplete” on your PE class scorecard. You were never known for flexibility. Not to mention, you have a self-diagnosed case of adult ADHD. And yet, despite all this, yoga intrigues and motivates you.

Whether it’s the postures that look intimidating or you just can’t muster up the focus to feel like you’re in the right state of mind, this class will you take a step back and truly make the most of your yoga experiences. We will explore meditative techniques and ideas that will turbo-charge your experience, whether it’s your first yoga class or one of many. It’s the yoga class without the postures.

Students will actually experience a timed period of silence. We’ll discuss how to prepare for that and then discuss what comes after the meditation. Breathing techniques will be discussed along with helpful visuals. All will have a chance to share their experience in a compassionate setting. We’ll also discuss typical “mind traps” (including body consciousness, doubts about the benefits of yoga) that all yogis experience while taking an actual asana class.

The goal? To shed the anxiety in your life while feeling more centered.

And coming soon:

Healthy Dating Tips

and . . .

Public Speaking Tips

Insomnia-How To Deal with It

Anxiety Busters


and. . .

Corporate Wellness Topics:

Countering and Challenging Mistaken Beliefs, Identifying and Expressing Your Feelings, How to Assert Yourself and What’s the Deal with Self Esteem? And much, much more, too many to list.


Or go to:

Art Classes too:

Monday with Munch
Join us at our *BYOB* studio as we paint “The Scream” by famous Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. Ticket price includes all paint supplies, including aprons and a 16×20 take-home canvas!BYOB begins at 6:00pm, Painting from 6:30 – 9:00pm.Cancellations made within 48 hours are subject only to a credit. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Date/Time: Mon, 10/31/2011, 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Location: – 2900 N Lincoln Ave
Instructor: Daniel Becco
Price: $35.00
 Go to Home Page:

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