How can I help you?

I have been a therapist and life coach for 26 years!

There are therapists all over, who just validate and listen, validate and listen who seem to be “phoning it in” and you keep paying them and paying them because it simply feels good to have someone listening.

HOWEVER, if you want fun, dynamic, honest, effective work with results and actual change, then there’s me. I’ve seen and experienced every curve ball and knock down that life can throw at one and I’m ready to share what works with you. No matter who you are. You’ll get options to choose from and I’ll be honest with what works best and why. All of my “life hacks” have been tested in the real world and refined and modified when something didn’t work. You’ll be able to write a book on what happened and how your life got better.  Go ahead, if that floats your boat, then celebrate!  You’ll get years and years of experience and there are hundreds of clients who have walked away with super good stuff that made a real difference in their lives. I don’t do this to make a living anymore. I do it because I want to help and see you shine. I’m so confident that if you don’t like what’s going on or see change, I’m happy to give your money back to you. Period.

Work with me and you’ll get results and they will not take long. I don’t spend much time about why you’re where you are at. We will focus on taking actions while being compassionate. I know what the actions are. Life has the same set of problems and they can be addressed with the same tools. You just have to know the tools which you will be given and execute with encouragement from me. And you won’t have to stay in my office or zoom meeting for long spending money you don’t need to spend to get results and change. I’m unlike most coaches. As I’ve said before no b.s., just a better life! Call me and take the first step. And congrats in advance for doing so!

I coach people who are experiencing challenges in their life, relationships and careers. They feel unfulfilled and may not be living a life they are capable of. Some have debt or may have trouble using their time to focus on goals and actions required to achieve them. They lack clarity in their visions and may not be using their talents.

I coach my clients to find meaningful and passionate lives and careers. I do this by having them do what they need to do, promptly and consistently so that they can support their vision and goals. Through a series of action steps and commitments they find prosperity. Their life satisfaction and compensation increases and they feel physical and spiritual vitality. They are able to ask for what they need and find ease and joy when doing this. They become profitable. I also work with individual and couples on relationship skills.

At the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, I majored in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration. (1978 B.of Arts)  I received my Masters in Science in Marital and Family Therapy at Northwestern University in Evanston IL. (1997 M.S.) I became certified in Success Motivation Coaching where I studied the psychological principles of motivation, theory and application (2001 Certified) Since 1995 I have helped hundreds of individuals and couples from all walks of life.

Call today for a no cost, free consultation. 

Most recently I worked with 19 amazing young adults to help them focus on their life goals over a 8 week period as a Visiting Professor at Devry University in Chicago.

I also served as Assistant Director of Admissions at The Illinois Institute of Art from 2006 to 2010.


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3 Responses to How can I help you?

  1. Linda says:

    Sampson gives this 3 paws up. Guess who? Your new Web-Mistress! Code Monkey, comedian, and crazy cat lady who manages not to terrorize because she practices non-violence. Except when eating food made of dead animals. Ones that moo or cluck. Or did, before being slaughtered. Nevermind. How the heck are ya? Please visit http://www.heartandstarstudios for more info on my web- and graphic-design services.

  2. Nils Olsson says:

    Dan is one of those guys that really makes a difference! Great team player and fantastic at providing the glue for group bonding. A rare asset for any future oriented organization. Hope we’ll get a chance to work together again soon!

    Nils Olsson, Chief Product Officer @ Tacton

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